White Party Palm Springs 25 :: The DJs Bring All the Boys to the Yard

by BeBe Sweetbriar
Tuesday Apr 15, 2014

Many things naturally come to mind when we think of the month of April; the rain showers, the beginning of spring, Easter, spring break, and yes - taxes! But, if you are active in the gay circuit party scene, April 2014 means only one thing - the 25th Anniversary of Jeffrey Sanker Presents White Party Palm Springs (WPPS). The largest gay dance music festival in the world, White Party will play host to an estimated 30,000 gay men from across the globe April 25-28 in celebration of its milestone silver anniversary. "What began as a gathering for 300 of my closest friends celebrating the rites of spring 25 years ago has evolved into men from across the world coming together and redefining the meaning of desert heat," said Jeffrey Sanker, founder and producer, in a press statement. A real testament of the evolution of White Party and to highlight its principles of unity and celebration, commitment to excellence and leading edge creativity over the past 25 years, Sanker has created the first ever White Party Palm Springs ICON Awards recognizing a select group who best embody the spirit of White Party.

Over the years the growth of White Party has definitely been heightened by the most ambitious and mind blowing audiovisuals, cutting edge design and spectacular decor transformations of party venues, and the most elaborate and innovative stage productions with spellbinding performances. But, it has consistently been the music that "brings all the boys to the yard". White Party Palm Springs is after all a huge circuit party held over 3 days and brings with it some of the biggest names in DJ music. It is no mistake that WPPS has launched the careers of many rising star DJs, and featured high-caliber DJs/producers like Dave Audé, Junior Vasquez, Victor Calderone, Freemasons, Rosabel, Manny Lehman, Tony Moran and the late Peter Rauhofer. This year the 25th Anniversary event again assembles some of the best DJs and music producers in the world; DJ Shane Stiel, DJ/Producer/Remixer Chris Cox, 2x Grammy Nominated DJ/Producer Tony Moran, DJ Chi Chi LaRue, DJ Joshua D, DJ Superstar Manny Lehman, DJ Gustavo Scorpio, DJ Alex Acosta, DJ Ivan Gomez, DJ Dani Toro, DJ GRIND, DJ Wayne G, DJ Ralphi Rosario, DJ Guy Scheiman, DJ/Producer Abel and the debut of Bent Collective featuring DJ/Producers Danny Verde and Steven Redant.

I spoke with 8 of White Party’s DJs to get a feel of their excitement in playing this world renown event, and a hint of what we can expect on the dance floor come White Party Palm Springs weekend.


TOP DJ/Producer Alex Acosta has taken over the world with his fresh, upbeat and very energetic sound, playing at the hottest music festivals and clubs around the globe. On top of that, he is a chart- topping producer, whose work is supported by several DJs and thousands of fans worldwide.

Alex Acosta’s name is not new to the DJ industry. He is the first Mexican DJ to ever headline 3 different major Circuit Festivals in Asia: gCircuit’s Song Kran (Bangkok, Thailand), HEAVEN (Shanghai, China) and G5 (Taipei, Taiwan). In addition, in America he has performed at several big festivals, such as San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair, Motor City Gay Pride (Detroit, MI), San Francisco’s Dance Stage Gay Pride, and his debut in NYC at one of its iconic brands WORK, and Mexico’s Circuit Festival "PARADISO" in Playa del Carmen.

BeBe: Fast forward to the end of your DJ set at WPPS, how would like White Party goers to describe their experience partying to your set?

Alex Acosta: I want them to experience the same results as they do every time I play a party they attend. I want them to have enjoyed themselves, dancing to very high energy and powerful music that left them wanting more. I want them to want more of Alex Acosta’s sounds. (laughing)

BeBe: What mix do you always go to, as of late, to get a circuit party going?

Alex Acosta: You know what, most of the tracks I play on my sets are my very own versions, some I edit myself and some are my own remixes that never make it to the public. So when I work on them for my gigs, I make sure I add elements to the track where I can (anticipate) what kind of reaction the track will get from people. And, it always gets that reaction. This makes every one of my live sets a unique experience. They feel my own sound.

BeBe: If there was a song title created to best describe the vibe of the music you spin and/or produce what would that song title be?

Alex Acosta: "The Power"

BeBe: What are your Top 5 songs on your playlist?

Alex Acosta: 1."Murky" (Alex Acosta Original Mix) - Eddie Martinez feat. Josephine Halle B, 2. "The Party!" (Alex Acosta Tribe Mix) - Alex Acosta, 3. "Tribe Drums" (Alex Acosta Original Mix), 4. "DPV" (Alex Acosta Remix) - Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado, 5. "I See You Baby" (Alex Acosta Super Mix) - Groove Armada

BeBe: What is your next big gig following WPPS?

Alex Acosta: There are many big gigs coming up for me following WPPS. Thankfully, I already have 80% of my entire year booked. Among them, I’ll be part of the 1LIFE Festival, Madrid Gay Pride, Carnival Week in Provincetown, Guadalajara Gay Pride and plenty more that you’ll be finding out in the upcoming months. (


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