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On the Tab :: Jan. 29 - Feb. 5

By Jim Provenzano | Jan 29
Cookie's Monster Show continues at The Edge each Thursday, and other events like last week's Mother are raising funds for the couple, proving that queens stick together in times of need.

What's HOT South Florida :: 01/29 - 02/04

LOCAL EVENTS | By Scott Holland | Jan 29
Hot Bods, hot pre-Hookie awards, a hot trans teen romance film, and a little thing they call the Superbowl... all coming at you in the week ahead!

Out There :: It's Malcolm McDowell's World

CULTURE | By Roberto Friedman | Jan 24
Who can forget the poster of McDowell in "A Clockwork Orange," looking both sinister and oddly jolly in his rampaging get-up?

On the Tab :: Jan. 22 - 29

LOCAL EVENTS | By Jim Provenzano | Jan 22
Giddy with anticipation, we're hoping to catch new nights (Mazel Top), fun new bands (Ting Tings) and returning classics (Spandau Ballet), even a few closers (Supperclub's closing).

Drag Club Races to Open by New Year's Eve

LOCAL | By Matthew S. Bajko | Dec 20
The sounds of power tools and hammering reverberate inside the confines of the former Club Caliente in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood.

On the Tab :: Dec. 18 - 25

LOCAL EVENTS | By Jim Provenzano | Dec 18
Whether with friends and family, or fellow orphans over the holidays, be of good cheer, despite (non)catastrophic precipitation, judicial monstrosities or cataclysmic economic crunches. It's the holidays! Smile. They'll be over soon.

What's HOT South Florida :: 12/18 - 12/24

CULTURE | By Scott Holland | Dec 18
Celebrations, sexy swimwear, "fierce Queens," and Broadway swag galore. Need I say it? This is HOT!

On the Tab :: Dec. 11 - 18

LOCAL EVENTS | By Jim Provenzano | Dec 11
How you prepare for a holiday can depend on your mood. To cheer you up, get some early ho ho ho's at some of these spirited nightlife events.

What's HOT South Florida :: 12/11 - 12/17

LOCAL EVENTS | By Scott Holland | Dec 11
Long nights and Dark Places don't mean it's cooling of fin South Florida. Just the opposite... Here's what you need to know!

DC9's Discnotheque: Everybody Dance Now

MUSIC | By Doug Rule | Dec 6
Especially at predominantly straight events, many clubgoers stand facing the DJ. And everywhere these days you'll find a good portion of patrons on the dance floor glued to their phones.

1 thru 10 of 152 Stories