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White House LGBT Liaison to Depart Obama Administration

By Justin Snow | Sunday Sep 7, 2014
Gautam Raghavan, the White House's LGBT liaison, will leave the Obama administration after more than five years to join the Gill Foundation as vice president of policy.

Right Wing Lather Over Anticipated Executive Order Protecting LGBT Workers

By EDGE | Sunday Jun 29, 2014
The political and religious right has long been up in arms over what it says is an excessive number of executive orders, but the prospect of an order barring LGBT discrimination by federal contractors is especially galling.

Obama’s Flurry of LGBT Rights Protections

By Justin Snow | Saturday Jun 28, 2014
If there were any lingering doubts over President Barack Obama’s legacy on LGBT rights, the nation’s first African-American president appeared to wipe them away last week.

Without Fanfare, Obama Advances Transgender Rights

By Lisa Leff | Saturday Jun 21, 2014
President Barack Obama has steadily extended his administration’s advocacy to the smallest and least accepted band of the LGBT rainbow: transgender Americans.

Obama Proclaims June LGBT Pride Month

By Justin Snow | Sunday Jun 8, 2014
President Barack Obama declared June Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month in a proclamation released by the White House.

Obama Admin Issues Proclamation for Pride Month: Calls on Congress to Pass ENDA

By EDGE | Saturday May 31, 2014
In the proclamation, President Obama lauded his strides made by the LGBT community under his administration, and called for more action including the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

Obama Ties LBJ’s Civil Rights Legacy to LGBT Americans

By Justin Snow | Friday Apr 18, 2014
President Barack Obama embraced Lyndon B. Johnson’s civil rights legacy Thursday in a speech that credited the former president with helping to open the doors to equality for countless Americans, including those who are LGBT.

Obama, Republicans Compete for Support Among Women

By Nedra Pickler | Sunday Apr 13, 2014
After months on the defensive over his health law, a more combative President Barack Obama has emerged to fight about gender politics, leading to an election-year competition with Republicans for support from women.

Obama Says Immigration, Minimum Wage Top Agenda

By Charles Babington | Friday Feb 14, 2014
President Barack Obama said Friday that top priorities for Congress should be increasing the minimum wage and overhauling the immigration system, while acknowledging that election year politics could complicate the effort.

Sen. Rand Paul Sues Obama Over NSA Surveillance

By Eileen Sullivan | Wednesday Feb 12, 2014
Republican Sen. Rand Paul and a tea-party backed group are suing the Obama administration over the National Security Agency’s phone record collection policies.