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Marijuana, Mainstream Converge in Colorado Tourism Concerns

By Kristen Wyatt | Wednesday Dec 17, 2014
In Colorado, there's mounting anxiety that ski towns have embraced stoner culture a little too much, potentially damaging the state's tourism brand.

Virginia Says "Welcome" to LGBT Tourists

By Troy Petenbrink | Saturday Nov 22, 2014
It is a case of "better late than never" as Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has announced the formation of an LGBT Tourism Task Force. He shared the news while speaking at a statewide tourism summit.

Fewer Crowds, Nice Weather Boost Fall Tourism

By Beth J. Harpaz | Sunday Sep 14, 2014
Fall used to be off-peak for tourism everywhere except New England and other fall foliage destinations. But autumn tourism is rising, with traditional summer hotspots increasingly busy September through November.

Key West’s 35th Annual Fantasy Fest

By Mike Halterman | Sunday Oct 13, 2013
The 35th annual Fantasy Fest will be taking Key West by storm for ten days this year, from October 18 to October 27.

University of Hawaii: Gay Marriage in Hawaii Worth $217M in Tourism

By Oskar Garcia | Friday Jul 26, 2013
A new economic analysis from the University of Hawaii says legalizing gay marriage in the state would boost tourism by $217 million over the next three years.

Chill Factor: Antarctic Tourism Struggles on Icy Footing

By Rod McGuirk | Monday Apr 8, 2013
In a remote, pristine land, every tourist counts - and those who venture to one of the coldest places on earth can be rewarded with ever-sunlit skies and adventures beyond your wildest (and chilliest) dreams.

Bar Codes Combine Technology and Tradition in Rio de Janeiro

Wednesday Feb 6, 2013
Rio de Janeiro is mixing technology with tradition to provide tourists information about the city by embedding bar codes into the black and white mosaic sidewalks that are a symbol of the city.

Six Top Travel Trends for 2013

Monday Dec 31, 2012
A leading adventure travel company specializing in exotic learning vacations has announced its list of the hottest travel trends for 2013.

Bodrum: The Brigadoon of Turkey

By Robert Doyle | Saturday Dec 29, 2012
Flying into Bodrum, Turkey is a bit like finding Brigadoon: misty blue islands rising out of the silvery gray sea.

The Cultural Phenomenon of Palm Springs Dinah Shore Weekend

Wednesday Dec 26, 2012
Palm Springs Dinah Shore Weekend has become a cultural phenomenon; the all-women party is now turning into the hot new celebrity party trend.

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