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Marina Rice Bader's 'Anatomy of a Love Seen' Premieres at Outfest

CORPORATE | By Winnie McCroy | Jul 16
Marina Rice Bader screens her new film, "Anatomy of a Love Seen" at the 32nd Annual Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival.

Natasha Lyonne Hosts Outfest 10th Annual Legacy Awards

CELEBRITIES | By Winnie McCroy | Nov 5
On November 12, Emmy Award nominee Natasha Lyonne from "Orange Is the New Black" will host Outfest's 10th Annual Legacy Awards, benefiting the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project.

Getting Straight About Gay History at Film Festivals

MOVIES | By Michael Cox | Sep 9
In "Sufferin’ Till You’re Straight" a brassy drag queen gives a short, comedic history lesson of the LGBT community’s long struggle for equal rights in the face of social bigotry. And this short film is popping up in film festivals.


MOVIES | By David Lamble | Mar 11
This month, the SF International Asian American Film Festival becomes CAAMFEST.

China Sensors ’Cloud Atlas,’ Deletes Gay Love Scene

MOVIES | By Louise Watt | Jan 24
Nearly 40 minutes have been chopped from the Hollywood film "Cloud Atlas" for Chinese audiences, deleting both gay and straight love scenes to satisfy local censors despite a movie-going public that increasingly chafes at censorship.

2012 San Diego Film Festival (Sept. 26-30)

MOVIES | By Lisa Lipsey | Sep 17
This year’s festival includes a tribute to Van Sant as well as 110 top-notch features, documentaries and narrative shorts chosen by an expert panel.

Long Beach QFilm Fest 2012

MOVIES | By Chris Carpenter | Sep 13
While it has been presented in various incarnations over the last 19 years, the last four have really put the Long Beach QFilm Festival on the map. This year’s event will take place Friday, Sept. 14 through Sunday, Sept. 16 at the historic Art Theatre.

Haley Joel Osment Goes Gay for ’Sassy Pants’

MOVIES | By Chris Carpenter | Jul 23
Today, Haley Osment is back in a big way... and playing gay.

What’s HOT :: South Florida (6/29-7/5)

LOCAL EVENTS | By Scott Holland | Jul 1
HOTspots has the scoop on this week’s hottest events!

36th San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival

MOVIES | By David Lamble | Jun 15
The 36th Frameline LGBT Festival (June 14-24 at San Francisco’s Castro, Roxie and Victoria Theatres, with selected screenings at the Elmwood Rialto Cinemas in Berkeley) offers an especially strong array of short films.

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