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Gay Marriage has Second Appellate Court Hearing

By Kristi Eaton and Nicholas Riccardi | Thursday Apr 17, 2014
An appeals court in Denver is hearing its second gay marriage case in two weeks.

Hearing Set in Challenge to Arkansa’s Gay Marriage Ban

Thursday Apr 17, 2014
Advocates of ending Arkansas’ ban on same-sex marriage are to make their case before a circuit judge in Pulaski County.

Mich. Lawyers Disagree Over Gay Marriage Appeal Path

Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
Attorneys who persuaded a judge to overturn Michigan’s ban on gay marriage are opposing the state’s request to have an entire appeals court take the case.

Delay Sought on NC Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit

Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
North Carolina’s attorney general is asking a judge to delay the most recent lawsuit over the state’s same-sex marriage ban, saying an order expected later this year in another case likely will resolve the situation.

Round 2: Court Takes up Oklahoma Gay Marriage Case

By Kristi Eaton | Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
Lawyers for a couple challenging Oklahoma’s ban on gay marriage and the clerk who refused to grant them a license head to a federal appeals court Thursday.

Judge Stays Most of Ohio Gay Marriage Ruling

By Amanda Lee Myers | Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
A federal judge has put on hold the majority of what attorneys have called a "momentous" change to Ohio’s gay marriage law.

Wis. Couple Asks Supreme Court to Nix Marriage Ban

Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
A same-sex couple has asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to strike down the state’s gay marriage ban.

Judge Considers Staying Ohio Gay Marriage Ruling

By Amanda Lee Myers | Tuesday Apr 15, 2014
A federal judge who ordered Ohio to recognize the marriages of same-sex couples performed in other states says he’s inclined to issue a stay of his decision pending appeal.

New Ohio Gay Marriage Ballot Language Approved

Tuesday Apr 15, 2014
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has certified the language in a new version of a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at overturning the state’s gay marriage ban.

Malta to Legalize Civil Unions

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Apr 14, 2014
Maltese lawmakers are expected to pass a bill Monday that will legalize civil unions, allowing same-sex couples to have the same rights as straight married couples, including the ability to adopt children, in the predominately Catholic country.