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Christian Group Wants NC Marriage Limit Preserved

Tuesday Sep 30, 2014
Christian conservatives who helped pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in North Carolina are gathering again in Raleigh to try to keep the prohibition defended in court.

St. Louis Challenge to Gay Marriage Ban in Court

Monday Sep 29, 2014
A legal challenge to Missouri's gay marriage ban by the city of St. Louis is due back in court Monday.

State of Alaska Defends Gay Marriage Ban

By Becky Bohrer | Saturday Sep 27, 2014
Citizens, not the courts, should decide whether the definition of marriage includes same-sex couples, the state of Alaska said in court papers filed Friday.

Arkansas Diocese Wants to Enter Gay Marriage Suit

Friday Sep 26, 2014
The leader of Arkansas' Roman Catholic diocese wants the state's highest court to consider his thoughts on the voter-approved gay-marriage ban.

Oral Arguments to Begin in Mo. Same-Sex Ban Lawsuit

By Bill Draper | Thursday Sep 25, 2014
A Kansas City judge is scheduled to hear oral arguments Thursday in a case challenging Missouri's refusal to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.

Conservative Students Slammed for Serving Chik-fil-A at Marriage Equality Debate

By EDGE | Wednesday Sep 24, 2014
A conservative student organization at Northwestern University Law School is drawing fire over a questionable menu choice for a debate on same-sex marriage.

Coronado Rallies Around Gays Harassed During Wedding

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Sep 24, 2014
The residents of Coronado, California, are rallying around a gay couple whose wedding was interrupted by a hateful rant during their service at Coronado's Centennial Park in mid-August.

Census Finds More Than a Half Million LGBT Weddings This Decade

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Sep 23, 2014
More than a half a million LGBT Americans have married their same-sex partner since marriage equality first allowed them to marry, reports the United States Census Bureau this week.

Ex-French President Slams Same-Sex Marriage

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Sep 23, 2014
The former president of France is making international headlines this week after saying same-sex marriage "humiliates families" during his first TV interview since announcing his return to politics on Friday.

Poll: Support for Gay Marriage May Be Leveling Off

By Rachel Zoll | Monday Sep 22, 2014
A survey released Monday from the Pew Research Center indicates American support for same-sex marriage could be leveling off after several years of dramatic growth in acceptance of equal rights for gays and lesbians.