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Building A Good Fitness Foundation

By Adam Winter | Sunday Sep 7, 2014
Do you have the right foundation in place for a great workout? This is an important question to ask and answer before embarking on any routine, whether at home or in a gym.

Sex Fit Gadget Tracks "Ins and Outs" of Your Sexual Stamina

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Aug 29, 2014
In the vein (pun intended) of fitness tracker gadgets like FitBit and Jawbone comes SexFit, a vibrating cock ring made by the UK-based company Bondara that increases pleasure while tracking thrusts per minute and calories burned.

Luxury Fashion Takes On Fitness Technology

By Leanne Italie | Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
Luxury fashion is making inroads in wearable tech as more designers try their hands at developing smart, stylish accessories and clothing aimed at tracking performance and health, or simply making connected lives easier to manage.

Workout :: "I Walk"

By Blake Beckcom | Sunday Aug 24, 2014
As a form of exercise, walking is absolutely better than doing nothing. The key is pace.

The 'Buzz' Says The kGoal App Makes Kegel Exercises Fun and Rewarding

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Jul 28, 2014
Concerned about your pelvic floor muscles? The creators of kGoal, a revolutionary new Kegel training system, are on the final week of their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its creation.

Super Set for Super Shape

By Mark Moon | Friday Jul 4, 2014
There’s a phrase I like that goes like this: "The best workout is the one that you haven’t done before."

Fitness Calling :: Hiking 101

By Blake Beckcom | Sunday Jun 29, 2014
Whether your goal is weight loss, toning or leaning out a great way to get a dual weight-bearing cardio workout is to take a hike.

Damn! How Did You Get That Ass?

By Stephen Mosher | Monday Jun 23, 2014
Stephen Mosher shares his tips for getting some junk in your trunk.

Out-Fit Challenge Mud Run Supports Family Equality Council

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Jun 19, 2014
On June 21 in New York’s Tuxedo Ridge Ski Center in Tuxedo Park, the Out-Fit Challenge Mud Run will bring together members and friends of the LGBT community to benefit the Family Equality Council.

Get Fit With Frittatas

By Stephen Mosher | Monday Jun 16, 2014
Fitness expert Stephen Mosher shares his family secret to fitness: low-cost, high-protein eggs!