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Up All Night to Get Lucky? - Sexy or Obsessive?

By Vince Pellegrino | Tuesday Feb 18, 2014
With today’s technology, most everyone is cruising on the internet on Manhunt or Grindr, among a varied choice of other sites toward getting lucky; choosing their computer rather than the bar to reach their personal goal.

Manhunt’s Times Square Billboards of Shirtless Hunks Arouse (Ahem!) Controversy

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Dec 17, 2012
The hookup site’s giant billboard of a hunky pin-up photo advertising its services in "the crossroads on the world" was sure to cause controversy; and, for the second year in a row, it did.

Welcome to the Digital Bathhouse

By Vince Pellegrino | Saturday Nov 10, 2012
Hooking up online has become nearly ubiquitous in the gay world. Grindr has taken the old bathhouse cruising and brought it into the street. But all this fast-food sex can have consequences.

Homotech :: Is Manhunt Selling Your Sexual Orientation?

By EDGE Investigative Team | Wednesday Jul 25, 2012
The next time you’re on Manhunt, keep in mind that the men you’re chatting with aren’t the only ones interested in your profile. Without notifying its users, Manhunt has launched an ad agency to help marketers target them once they’ve logged off.

Manhunt Puts Up Steamy Billboard in Times Square

By Jason St. Amand | Saturday Dec 31, 2011
Gay dating website, Manhunt, recently put up a sexy billboard in Times Square, which could be seen by millions as people gather for New York City’s famous New Year’s Eve celebration.

Epic Saturdays @ House of Blues :: December 17, 2011

Monday Dec 19, 2011
The 10th Anniversary of the Manhunt tour showed up at the House of Blues. Jessica Wilde and her Porn Star go-go boys hit the stage to music by DJ Nina Flowers. With the EPIC dancers, plenty of hot guys and a great crowd, this was truly an EPIC night!

Manhunt Cares Creates New "Sex Over 40" Resource for Older Gay and Bisexual Men

Wednesday Aug 10, 2011
They say straight men get better with age, but is the same true of gay men? For a community with so many obsessions around beauty and image, the idea of turning 40 can be brutally intimidating.

Bone Island Bare It All @ The Island House :: July 21, 2011

Tuesday Jul 26, 2011
The Island House in Key West is rated as the number one all male guest house in the country. Visitors packed the pool area for Manhunt’s Boys With Toys party during Bone Island Bare It All Weekend. EDGE got the photos!

Don’t Get Fooled Again :: Dealing with Web Profile Deception

By Padraic Maroney | Sunday Feb 20, 2011
Meeting people on the Internet is easy. And one problem that has persisted since this phenomena became popular is the idea of someone fudging on their profile. EDGE spoke to experts on the subject with tips on how to avoid being fooled again.

Manhunt Policy Change Raises Questions Anew About Internet Privacy

By Peter Cassels | Monday Nov 22, 2010
Manhunt recently made it easier for non-members to see user profiles. Although members can opt out from the service, is this a way for neighbors, relatives, co-workers, bosses, clerics or spouses to check up on someone’s very private life?