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Out There :: Barstools We Have Known and Loved

By Roberto Friedman | Saturday Oct 19, 2013
Author Rosie Schaap’s memoir "Drinking with Men" (Riverhead) goes against the grain of most addiction memoirs by openly celebrating - nay, extolling - the joys of what might be considered substance-abusing, out-of-control behavior.

Out There :: Inspirational Aesthetics

By Roberto Friedman | Saturday Oct 5, 2013
Observing "Museum Hours," getting a load of "The Geezer," pausing for some poetry... Out There has been busily getting, you know, out there!

Arts-Lover’s Holiday

By Roberto Friedman | Wednesday Feb 27, 2013
Last week found Out There spinning all over town.

First Gay Culture Festival on Greek Isle of Skiathos in July 2012

Monday May 14, 2012
The 1st International Gay Culture Festival will be held in 12-15 July 2012 on the cosmopolitan island of Skiathos, Greece.

’The Utopian Impulse: Buckminster Fuller and the Bay Area’ at SFMOMA

By Sura Wood | Monday Apr 23, 2012
Few people in the 20th century, let alone history, could compete with the number of inventive ideas the prolific Fuller came up with to solve the problems of a planet with limited natural resources and a burgeoning population.

Titanic: That Sinking Feeling

By Roberto Friedman | Thursday Apr 19, 2012
This weekend, the 100th anniversary of the fate of that little toy boat called the Titanic is set to sweep American media culture.

The Gastronomic Allure of Zurich, Switzerland

By Mark Thompson | Tuesday Jul 5, 2011
The wealthiest city in Europe, Zurich has been designated the city with the best quality of life in the world - for seven years in a row. A world leader in climate control, Zurich is also a city where a plurality of citizens profess no faith or religion.

Blissful Culture Overdose in Basel, Switzerland

By Mark Thompson | Wednesday Jun 8, 2011
The airport is in France - but your ticket says Switzerland - and the official language is German. Carmen Sandiego, where are we now? Located on the river Rhine, where the borders of Switzerland, France, and Germany meet, Basel is a nexus of culture.

Connection, Community, Spirituality :: Easton Mountain

By Kilian Melloy | Thursday Feb 17, 2011
The men who go to Easton Mountain say they feel at home from the fist moments--and they go back again and again for workshops and "work weekends." EDGE speaks to some of the gay retreat center’s facilitators about what makes Easton Mountain special.

The Year in Home Culture: iPads, Betty White, and ’Glee’

By JOCELYN NOVECK | Tuesday Dec 28, 2010
Politics and pop culture. Remember when they used to be, well, separate? In recent years these two worlds have seemed to inch ever closer, or maybe to overlap, but in 2010, nobody traveled between them more successfully than Sarah Palin.