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Brit Art Student’s ’Virginity Losing’ Art Show an April Fool’s Hoax

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Apr 4, 2014
A 19-year-old gay art student’s performance to lose his virginity on stage in a London art show turns out to be an elaborate April Fool’s hoax.

Do I Need Art in My Life? :: Seven Reasons Why The Answer is Yes!

By Alexander Salazar | Sunday Mar 30, 2014
I have been asked "Do I need art in my life?" I realize now that it’s not a question about me but more about you, the reader. I can offer seven strong reasons that art should be part of your life. If they’re not, then you need to get on it!

LA Lesbian Artist Ashleigh Sumner Rocks Art Space Warehouse

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Feb 25, 2014
L.A. artist Ashleigh Sumner is appropriating street art into her own unique, layered creations, and from downtown to the Hollywood Hills, people are beginning to snatch up her unique works.

Cynthia Nixon Hosts Russell Simmons’ RUSH HeARTS V-Day Lunch

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Feb 13, 2014
Kick off Valentine’s Day, February 14, by sharing the love when Cynthia Nixon hosts Russell Simons’ Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation with the RUSH HeARTS Education Valentine’s Day Luncheon in New York City.

Wellesley College’s Man-in-Undies Sculpture Causes Stir

Thursday Feb 6, 2014
A remarkably lifelike sculpture of a man sleepwalking in nothing but his underpants has made some Wellesley College students a bit uncomfortable, but the president of the prestigious women’s school says that’s all part of the intellectual process.

Gay London Student to Lose Virginity in Live Art Project

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Oct 28, 2013
A gay student from London says he plans to lose his virginity live on stage for his art project.

Star Wars Art: Concept

By Kevin Taft | Tuesday Oct 15, 2013
The latest in the series of coffee table books dedicated to the art of the "Star Wars" universe, "Star Wars Art: Concept" offers a look at designs created by artists before the films, video games, and TV shows were ever made.

Controversial Madonna Painting Opens Magnet HIV Clinic Art Show

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Oct 10, 2013
A painting with a somewhat controversial title was part of the monthly art show at the Castro clinic and community center Magnet.

Pied Piper of a Hip Art Crowd

By Sura Wood | Sunday Sep 22, 2013
Thirty-five and looking a good 10 years younger, photographer Ryan McGinley epitomizes downtown cool while being about as hot as a young New York City artist can be.

Madonna’s Secret Film to Launch Global Free Speech Initative

By EDGE | Wednesday Sep 18, 2013
Barely 24 hours after briefly alluding to work on a secret project during a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, Madonna revealed Tuesday the release of her short film "secretprojectrevolution," which will launch her Art for Freedom initiative.