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CA Lesbian Couple Charged with Starving Kids

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Friday Apr 4, 2014
A female Salinas couple is facing charges that they starved and neglected their three children, including allegedly chaining one to a wall.

Christian Preacher Wins Lawsuit Wrongful Arrest

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Apr 1, 2014
A Christian street preacher won over $21,600 after a three-year battle against the Greater Manchester Police, whom he said wrongfully imprisoned him for 19 hours after he allegedly harassed two gay teens via reading scripture.

To See Or Not To See: Will Bieber’s Privates Go Public?

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Mar 7, 2014
Miami-Dade County Judge William Altfield ruled to release five police videos of Justin Bieber, including two clips of his urine test, but not until authorities "shade or blacken" the singer’s genitals.

Brinkin to Start Jail Term Soon

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Thursday Mar 6, 2014
Gay rights advocate Larry Brinkin is expected to start a six-month jail term after being sentenced to five years of probation for felony possession of child pornography.

Colo. Pastor Charged for Robbing, Kidnapping Gay Man

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Jan 29, 2014
A pastor from Colorado Springs, Colo., has been accused of meeting gay men online in order to attack and rob them all while he allegedly posed as a U.S. marshal.

Decapitated Dildos Discovered After Dykes’ Domestic Dispute

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Jan 6, 2014
A Florida woman called the police when her ex cut the heads off her sex toys, after the woman broke up with her.

Gay Lawyer Convicted in Mutual Benefits Fraud

By Joseph Elliot | Wednesday Dec 11, 2013
A prominent and distinguished gay Fort Lauderdale lawyer was convicted last Wednesday of playing a material role in a Ponzi scheme that prosecutors say scammed investors out of more than $1 billion.

London Police on Lookout for Thief Targeting Gay Men

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Nov 25, 2013
London police are warning LGBTs to watch out for a suspect that the authorities say is connected to a string of thefts from gay men.

Mother Defends Son: He Can’t Shoot Children Because He’s Gay

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Sep 16, 2013
The mother of a man accused of critically wounding two girls in a shooting in a Wilkes-Barre, PA apartment complex, defended her son to local media by saying he couldn’t have committed the crime because he’s gay and "gay people don’t shoot kids."

Boston Magazine Profiles Rintala Case

By Sue O’Connell | Saturday Jun 1, 2013
"Reasonable Doubt" explores the first time a woman had been accused of murdering her lawfully wedded wife.