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Sales of Macadamias Soar in Korea After Nut Rage

By Youkyung Lee | Tuesday Dec 16, 2014
Nut rage imploded the career of a Korean Air Lines executive and embarrassed her family and country. Now South Korean retailers are experiencing the unexpected upside: a boom in sales of macadamias.

McDonald's to Trim Menu, Examine Ingredients

By Candice Choi | Sunday Dec 14, 2014
McDonald's is planning to simplify its menu and maybe even the number of ingredients it uses in its food as it fights to hold onto customers.

Congress Relaxes Whole Grain Standards for Schools

By Mary Clare Jalonick | Thursday Dec 11, 2014
A massive year-end spending bill released Tuesday doesn't allow schools to opt out of healthier school meal standards, as House Republicans had sought. But it would ease standards that require more whole grains in school foods.

Women Having Big Impact on Whiskey Industry

Thursday Dec 11, 2014
Some of the most well-known whiskeys today were either founded, owned, managed or saved by women. As Michelle Miller reports, there are even clubs to experience and learn about different whiskeys and whiskey cocktails.

The Gadarene Swine: Vegetables, Elevated

By Joshua Ryan | Thursday Dec 11, 2014
Whatever you do, don't call The Gadarene Swine, Chef Phillip Frankland Lee's new restaurant located at 11266 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, a "vegan restaurant."

Go For the Food: Cross-Cultural Flavors in Macau

By Amir Bibawy | Wednesday Dec 10, 2014
Macau is globally famous as a haven for gambling. Luckily, getting great food there is no gamble.

Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival

Saturday Dec 6, 2014
The Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival will celebrate its eighth year as one of the country's most prestigious and delectable culinary and wine programs from December 11-14.

Verdant Vino

By Joel Martens | Sunday Nov 30, 2014
That delicious grape derivative, sweet fruit of the vine... we all know it and most love the experience of it. With subtle, layered flavors and aromas that envelop and entice the palette, it's a wonderful habit to indulge.

'The Days of Wine...' And Celebrities!

By Tim Parks | Sunday Nov 23, 2014
Take a gander at which celebrities have branched out into these viney endeavors; get ready for the words to flow like so much grape-made liquid.

Farm to Table :: Let Your Fingers Do the Pickin'

By Chef Scotty Wagner | Saturday Nov 22, 2014
We've all heard of it... I'm talking about the "farm-to-table" concept sweeping the food world. What is it and where on "earth" did it come from? Chef Scotty gives us the dish...

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