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Oregon and Washington Delay Crab Season Because of Toxin

Oregon and Washington have joined California in delaying the start of their commercial crab seasons after dangerous toxin levels were found in the crabs.

Thanksgiving Dinner and Party Ideas

HOME | By Mike Halterman | Nov 22
Let me tell you about some dishes I think are very important to serve at Thanksgiving dinner, and how I would entertain a party afterwards!

The Best Food Books of 2015

BOOKS | By J. M. Hirsch | Nov 21
Have you ordered your copy of the latest five-ingredient-paleo-gluten-free-Nordic-kale smoothie cookbook yet? Me either. You know why? Because nobody outside hipster man bun-loving enclaves in Brooklyn and Los Angeles actually eats that way.

Fear Not: You'll Get Your Thanksgiving Turkey, Pumpkin Pie

FINANCE | By Steve Karnowski | Nov 17
Bird flu took a bite out of the turkey supply. Heavy rain washed out the pumpkin crop. Yet Thanksgiving groceries likely won't cost Americans much more than last year.

Goal of New Produce Safety Rules: Prevent Illness Outbreaks

LEGAL | By Mary Clare Jalonick | Nov 16
New produce safety rules from the government Friday are intended to help prevent the kind of large-scale outbreaks of foodborne illness that occurred over the past decade.

Group Unveils Undercover Video from Minnesota Slaughterhouse

CORPORATE | By Steve Karnowski | Nov 16
The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Wednesday it saw "completely unacceptable" actions depicted on an animal welfare group's undercover video from a Minnesota slaughterhouse that supplies Hormel Foods.

Virginia Welcomes Oyster Lovers

FOOD/DRINK | By Troy Petenbrink | Nov 15
Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe first announced the Virginia Oyster Trail in August 2014, and today - following more than a year of planning and development - he officially decreed the trail open for business.

Boats Sit Idle as Algae Threatens Dungeness Crab Season

FINANCE | By Phuong Le | Nov 15
San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf typically bustles this time of year as workers prepare to haul millions of pounds of Dungeness crab that are a tradition at Thanksgiving and other holiday meals.

Iran Seeks Revival of Caviar Industry in Post-Sanctions Era

FINANCE | By Ali Akbar Dareini | Nov 15
On the shores of the Caspian Sea, an ambitious project is underway to produce a pricey delicacy that could boost Iran's economy as sanctions ease: Caviar.

Wine Spirit and Bucking Fashion

FOOD/DRINK | By Billy Nordmeier | Nov 14
Unlike the fashion sense of the '80s, there is such a thing as true innovation, which mistakenly, I believe, we label as"trends." Here's what's ascendent in the SoCal cocktail world.

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