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7 Tips for Protecting Your Skin While You Sleep

By EDGE | Friday Aug 29, 2014
What can we do at night to make sure our face looks as glowing in the morning? EDGE offers readers seven tips for protecting your skin while you sleep.

EDGE 10.0: The Decade in Men's Grooming

By Steve Weinstein | Tuesday Aug 19, 2014
Since its birth 10 years ago EDGE has considered "lifestyle" as essential to its readers as news and entertainment. Certainly, there are few aspects of life or style as essential for gay men (yes, even bears) as grooming.

The "Brozilian" Keeps Things Smooth Below the Belt

By EDGE | Tuesday Jun 24, 2014
For guys who like to keep things smooth below the belt, summer means grooming season. (currently with eight locations throughout California) has just the solution: the "Brozilian."

Duross & Langel: Handmade Skincare Products That Won't Break the Bank

By Ian Michael Crumm | Wednesday May 14, 2014
Thanks to Duross & Langel, a Philadelphia-based soap and grooming company, those in search of handcrafted skincare products can stock their dopp kits and medicine cabinets with original formulas -- all at a price that won't break the bank.

Best Barbershops: A Cut Above

By Mac Smith | Friday Feb 28, 2014
The return to a clean-cut style for spring shines the spotlight once more on the good old barbershops of yore. EDGE unveils our top picks for best barbershops for a classic shave - reinvented for the modern man.

Get Wet! Kiehl’s Offers Free Hydrating Facials

By Matthew Wexler | Wednesday Feb 19, 2014
In honor of their self-proclaimed "Hydration Day," Kiehls in partnership with Fiji water is offering free facials at retail locations throughout the U.S. where you can also sample the launch of their latest product: Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration.

"Brotox"? Male Trends in Noninvasive Cosmetic Procedures

By EDGE | Wednesday Feb 5, 2014
Are you thinking about a facial touch-up to keep that youthful appearance? You’re not the only one according to Dr. Rachel Reitan, who offers insights and recommendations for men considering noninvasive cosmetic procedures.

Kiehl’s Launches New Location in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen

By Matthew Wexler | Friday Dec 6, 2013
As if the message wasn’t already clear, the arrival of Kiehl’s to the trendy neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen in New York City solidifies the enclave as the new gay mecca.

Gift Guide 2013: Looking Good

By Matthew Wexler | Friday Nov 29, 2013
Gift yourself (or someone else) some high quality grooming products to get through party season with a fresh-scrubbed glow that will have you ringing in 2014 as if you hadn’t aged a day all year.

Bird Poop Facials Fly Into NYC’s Spa Scene

By Verena Dobnik | Friday Aug 2, 2013
Bird poop for beauty? That’s what goes into facials at a luxury spa where the traditional Japanese treatment using imported Asian nightingale excrement mixed with rice bran goes for $180 a pop.