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It's a Dog's Life

By Sue Manning | Thursday Jul 17, 2014
These homes are set apart by their amenities - for dogs. Standard Pacific Homes is building and selling homes in 27 developments from Florida to California and is believed to be the first to offer a pet suite as an option in every one.

Modern Home Divides Southern Historic Neighborhood

By Allen G. Breed | Monday Mar 24, 2014
Architect Louis Cherry sees the two-story structure - with its exposed beams, masonry piers, deep overhangs and shallow-pitched roof - as a "contemporary interpretation" of the Craftsman-style homes that dot the city’s Historic Oakwood District.

Fast-Moving Erosions Threaten Coastal Homes

By Audrey McAvoy | Wednesday Jan 8, 2014
These are stark options for Sunset Beach, where multimillion-dollar homes line the shore and where the globe’s top surfers converge each year for the World Cup of Surfing.

Raise the House, Lower the Flood Risk

By Carole Feldman | Monday Oct 28, 2013
Nationwide, insurance claims for flooding damage totaled on average more than $3 billion annually from 2003 to 2012, according to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The most common way to reduce the risk: elevating the home, the NFIP says.

Little is Rebuilt at NYC Beach Burned During Sandy

By Meghan Barr | Tuesday Aug 13, 2013
On a desolate stretch of sand and concrete rubble in a beachfront community, a lone home is rising amid the ruins of nearly 130 houses that burned to ashes during Superstorm Sandy.

Building Homes That Make More Power Than They Take

By Michael Hill | Friday Jul 26, 2013
Homes being built in this Hudson Valley cul-de-sac offer prospective buyers wooded lots, pretty views and - oh yes - the promise of thumbing your nose at the power utility.

U.S. Homebuilder Confidence Soars

By Alex Veiga | Wednesday Jul 17, 2013
U.S. homebuilders are feeling more optimistic about their home sales prospects than they have in more than seven years, a trend that suggests home construction will accelerate in coming months.

Coastal Homeowners Stagger Under Insurance Costs

By Jeff Amy | Monday Jun 3, 2013
Rates for homeowner coverage have risen sharply since 2003, pinching homeowners financially, forcing them to take greater risk by accepting higher deductibles and sparking outrage as insurance companies report profits.

Hurricane Home Protection

By EDGE | Friday May 31, 2013
With hurricane season upon us, EDGE picked up some valuable tips from home improvement expert Mark Clement to help protect your home.

California Neighborhood Slowly Sinking

By Tracie Cone | Wednesday May 15, 2013
A neighborhood 100 miles north of San Francisco is slowly sinking, one house at a time.