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Thousands Flock to Reopening of Landmark House in LA

Feb 16
The reopening of a newly restored house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright is attracting thousands of people to the landmark on a Hollywood hillside.

Ready to Buy? Making the Most of Open House Visits

By Alex Veiga | Feb 11
Open houses offer more than just the opportunity to get a closer look at a property, so being prepared is key.

Urban Outfitters in Hot Water of 'Holocaust Chic' Wall Hanging

By EDGE | Feb 10
The Anti Defamation League is urging Urban Outfitters to remove tapestry from their inventory that resemble the concentration camp uniforms worn by gays during the Holocaust.

Joan Rivers' Penthouse Hits the Market for $28M

By EDGE | Feb 10
Got $30 million kicking around and looking to live like a queen (of comedy)? The Manhattan penthouse belonging to the late comedienne Joan Rivers is on the market.

Cut-Flower Growers Begin to Bloom in U.S.

By Margery A. Beck | Feb 8
Come February, the owners of Farmstead Flowers begin nurturing seedlings and preparing three acres for their cash crop reaped from April through October - cut flowers.

Monet Means Money: Auction Nets Record $280M Total

By Jill Lawless | Feb 5
A Venetian waterscape by Claude Monet has sold for more than $35 million at a London auction as the high-end art market shows resilience in a bumpy global economy.

Top 3 Waterfront Homes

By EDGE | Feb 2
The majority of the world lives near a body of water. Historically, this was likely because of gathering near a food source, but in today's world it is a sign of luxurious living. EDGE takes a look at three spectacular properties.

Tips for Buying and Maintaining Antique Furniture

Jan 26
Looking to add a unique and historical flair to your home decor? Here is a guideline for buying and maintaining antique and fine furniture.

The Best Real Estate Markets in Florida

By Mike Halterman | Jan 24
Everyone agrees that this is the perfect time to buy a new home. Interest rates are low and the construction industry, which fizzled during the recession, is now stronger than ever in Florida. Here are ten Florida cities to look at.

Planning Florals for a Valentine's Day Wedding in NYC?

By EDGE | Jan 23
This Valentine's Day, we'll be looking to St. Valentine himself as an inspiration because we know there's nothing more inspiring than watching two individuals embark on a lifelong journey of love and partnership.

11 thru 20 of 1714 Stories