Shop to help Katrina Victims

by Jason Salzenstein
Friday Sep 9, 2005
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OK, by now, if you haven’t made a donation to one of the oodles of charity organizations that’s helping people in need in Louisiana and the south to recover from the terrible devastation brought on by Katrina, you’re a real schmuck.

If you’re like me and have thought about the thousands of pets that have also been affected, you need to go to the Humane Society ( or PETA ( websites and donate money to help these truly innocent, helpless victims. As of today, federal officers are killing literally thousands of pets every day because they claim to not have the resources to help them.

So after you’ve donated, what else can you do? Shop.

I just bought a bag from the Sak ( with 100% of proceeds being donated to the American Red Cross. Do good, and get something in return. For $21.99, you get a $49 bag (plus a free ‘Give Heart” makeup case) and the entire purchase price goes to help victims of Katrina. How can you do wrong?

The holidays are not far away, and everyone knows someone who needs a bag now or will in the future. Get it gift wrapped for an extra few bucks, throw it in your closet, and next time you need a gift- you’re set.

And you’ve done a good deed.

What more could you ask for? Put yourself in their shoes. Help.

- Jason Salzenstein

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