DJ Joe Gauthreaux at Crown & Anchor

by Rick Dunn
EDGE Community Editor
Thursday Mar 10, 2005
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Blame it on his youthful appearance and boyish good looks, but New York-based DJ Joe Gauthreaux is routinely promoted as the perpetual rising star, as if he were new to the DJ game. The bottom line is that Gauthreaux, who earned his chops in New Orleans in the late ’90s and later at major clubs across the country, is already an established star on the gay circuit. Name a party, and he’s probably played it – from Gay Day in Disney to July 4th in Provincetown, where he’s usually breaking hearts and new records. OUT Magazine also just named him the "Hottest DJ" for 2005 in its annual Hot issue.

He’ll return Provincetown’s Crown & Anchor on Friday, July 1. Centaur Music just released Gauthreaux’s "Party Groove: Cherry Volume 2."

EDGE recently checked in with Gauthreaux to find out what he’s been up to in the new year.

Do you prefer spinning at circuit parties or clubs?
“Clubs most definitely. Circuit parties are fun, but I find that everyone, including the DJ, really gets into the music more at a club.”

Do you have a preference for primetime or after-hours?
“After-hours. I can play more non-commercial music at that time, and the crowd is much more willing to go along for the ride at an after-hours.”

Do you spin differently after-hours as opposed to primetime?
“Maybe a bit more underground at an after-hours. But I spin differently all the time. A lot of it has to do with either my mood or what kind of vibe the crowd is giving off. I never let a time of night dictate how I spin, though. I always just go with the flow.”

What is your connection to Live365?
“Live365 is this cool website that allows people to listen to my live sets. I stream everything from current sets to some that are five-years-old.”

What is your take on Satellite radio?’
“I’m all for it. I may be doing a mix-show soon, so we’ll see what happens. The talks have begun.”

In light of downloading, can dance music artists make a living?
“Yeah, I think so. Maybe not from CD sales, but from touring. Only a few will become really wealthy, but I do think a viable living can be made from this job.”

Top three favorite tracks right now?
“What Happens Tomorrow," by Duran Duran. "Don’t Make Me Wait," by Peech Boys. “I Feel Love," by Antoine Clamaran.

Favorite song from 2004 and why?
“Shapeshifters, “Lola’s Theme.” It was just a good, fun happy song that was played and enjoyed by everyone. It just hit a nerve.”

Aside from music, what else occupies your time?
“I write in my journal, either my public one on my website ( or my personal one. Then there’s the usual stuff, like the gym, friends, movies, etc. Right now, I’m learning how to play the guitar. I really suck right now, but I’m getting better.”

Ashlee Simpson - should she crawl under a rock or persevere?
“Personally, I don’t really care for her, but I don’t think people should be booing her in public - that’s just disrespectful. If you don’t like someone, then don’t buy their records.”

What projects are you working on, upcoming gigs?
“I’m always working on something, although it’s always a long road before something is officially released. I just want it to be perfect when that time comes. As far as gigs go, I’ve got a gig for Winter Party I’m looking forward to, as well as a few Atlantis Cruises this year. They really are the ‘circuit party’ of the new generation. Loads of fun!”

What are your predictions for 2005 in terms of dance music and the gay party scene?
“I think the gay scene will continue to evolve, as it always has and always will. I try to keep a positive outlook amongst the negativity that can sometimes leak into our community.”

Joe Gauthreaux spins at the Crown and Anchor in Provincetown on July 1.

An EDGE Founding Editor, Rick Dunn’s writing has appeared in Bay Windows, The Windy City Times, Washington Blade, among many others. He also initiated The Boston Globe’s very first (and last) gay column, Out & About in 2001. He was the editor of In Newsweekly from 1996 to 2003.


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