Cocoon 2 - The Return

by Jeremy C. Fox
Tuesday Jun 1, 2004
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Though it was clearly made only to capitalize upon the financial success of the first film (and without the participation of Ron Howard or original screenwriter Tom Benedek), Cocoon: The Return, has some nice touches. For one thing, the entire cast returns (though Brian Dennehy only drops by for a moment to say hello), and they continue to give it their all, as though they were in a better movie than they are. The blowzy charm of Elaine Stritch helps liven up the film, as well as the now-morose Bernie Lefkowitz. But mostly we get reheated leftovers and with even more mawkishness from the older actors and unfunny schtick from Steve Guttenberg. There is a serious reconsideration, though, of the choice the characters made at the end of the first film, and the sincerity of their performances is at times quite moving.

Only the trailers for this and the first film, which is probably just as well.

Jeremy C. Fox writes about movies, books, and art. He is also a painter and graphic designer and is a board member of Project 10 East, a nonprofit that establishes and maintains gay-straight alliances in Boston-area high schools.


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