Soaking Wet

by Jonathan Buttrick
Tuesday Aug 17, 2004
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Fun summer mix is the theme on the latest “Party Groove” compilation arriving from Centaur Music. Mixed by David Knapp, the DJ at this year’s Soakin Wet party in New York City, this collection of dance tracks provides a continuous mix of vocal dance tracks sure to get you moving, be it at home, in your car or wherever.

The album is a torrential onslaught of diva vocals and the melodic anthem qualities that one comes to expect with electronic music. Heading the attack are vocalists like Suzanne Palmer (“Luv 2 Luv”), Vernessa Mitchell (“Took My Life”) and Inaya Day (“Mine”).

As far as dance compilations go, the selection is a bit meager considering the tracks selected may not have universal appeal. Similar complications have twice as many selections, often with an extra disc. The allure of “Party Groove: Soakin Wet” may only appeal to devoted dance fans, or perhaps people who were actually able to attend the New York Soakin Wet party in July of this year.

One of the best moments comes at the end of the album in the form of “Chains of Love,” a cover of the classic Erasure tune. It’s a shame that this and “The Promise” by Tony Moran—the only two tracks with male vocals—are tacked on at the end, almost as an afterthought. The songs with male vocals seem to offset the everyday expectations of female singers on soaring dance anthems.

Other highlights: “Dive” by Debby Holiday, “The Music’s Got Me” by Vic & Chicola

by David Knapp

Release Date: August 17, 2004
Label: Centaur


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