The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love

by Michael Fessenden
Tuesday May 4, 2004
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This is a charming little story from 1995 about the flourishing romance developing between two high school girls. Laurel Holloman portrays Randy Dean, a lesbian from the wrong side of the tracks who works at her aunts’ gas station. Nicole Parker is Evie, the well-to-do popular girl who meets Randy when she stops to get her tire fixed. Their relationship slowly grows, and the pair copes with the reactions from friends and family. The movie was filmed in just a few weeks, with a budget of about $250,000.

The performances are impressive for such a low budget movie; Holloman’s Randy is a little reminiscent of Mary Stuart Masterson’s character in “Some Kind of Wonderful.” Stephanie Berry does a great job as Evie’s upper-class mom who, upon finding her daughter in bed with a woman, is enraged at the kitchen being a mess and the girls’ drinking an expensive wine. Maggie Moore has fun as the trashy married woman having an affair with Randy at the beginning of the film, and then turns up later to help the new lovers. Also fine is Nelson Rodriguez, portraying Randy’s best friend, who died tragically of AIDS at the age of 21, not long after the film was released.

The one thing I found especially refreshing is that this is not just a gay movie; it is not a coming out story, the focus is on the budding romance between the two girls and impact it has on their families. The teenagers have their own problems with school and friends. Replace one of the female leads with a young boy, and you’d have just another teenage love story. My only complaint is that the film is only 94 minutes long, but seems much longer because of slow pacing. On top of this, the movie ends rather abruptly, leaving a feeling of uncertainty. All in all, though, this is good addition to anyone’s library.

Special features include a directors’ commentary, theatrical trailers as well as additional trailers from other New Line titles.


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