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On the Tab :: Aug. 13 - 20

Aug 14
Hoppin' and boppin', shakin' and bakin' (muffins, that is). How's your summer winding up? Here, have more fun, with a slew of comedy shows that'll inevitably offend someone.

Buds Anthony Rapp & Telly Leung Bloom at Ptown Theater

By EDGE | Aug 10
The world premiere of "Buds of Broadway" debuts on August 14-15 for a two night only event at the Provincetown Theater featuring stars Anthony Rapp, from "If/Then" and "Rent" and Telly Leung, star of "Glee," "Godspell" and "Wicked."

On the Tab :: Aug. 6 - 13

Aug 6
Outside Lands will draw feature headliners Elton John, The Black Keys, and Billy Idol. But since it's sold out, we've deigned to provide info on a few smaller shows for your amusement.

On the Tab :: July 30 - Aug. 6

Jul 30
Bla bla nightlife emergency bla. If you're a tad exhausted from last weekend's festivities, you're not alone. Gird your loins for yet more entertainments of a nocturnal mission.

'Club Inferno' Held Over for an Additional Month

By EDGE | Jul 30
Thrillpeddlers takes pleasure in announcing that due to sold-out houses, they are extending the run of "Club Inferno" for one month -- an additional 12 performances -- August 20 - September 12.

On the Tab: July 23-30

Jul 23
Midsummer fun has a lot of '80s music flashbacks. Seriously, it's like my 20s are the new...whatever we call this decade. Culture Club, Morrissey, Blondie, Ricky Lee Jones, Pat Benatar! Goodness, it's difficult to choose. Good luck!

On the Tab: July 16-23

Jul 16
Among the new nightclub shows, "Champagne White and the Temple of Poon," the eagerly-awaited sequel to the hilarious hit comedy "Shit & Champagne."

On the Tab :: July 9 - 16

Jul 9
An actual hot summer may make your nightlife plans to be outdoors a requirement. It's all about the patios! Find your place in or out of the sun, or catch a breeze as some ultra hot vocalists and slew of sexy male strip shows heighten the temperature.

Film Icon John Waters Hosts Burger Bugaloo

By Andre Torrez | Jul 3
John Waters returns to the Bay Area this Fourth of July Weekend to host the sixth annual Burger Bugaloo. The film icon talks about his upcoming holiday gig.

On the Tab :: July 2 - 9

Jul 2
With recent Supreme Court decisions, you might feel a tad more patriotic this year. So switch your rainbow flag, and enjoy some red, white and blue celebrations, along with those events that sparkle in every color.

11 thru 20 of 324 Stories