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Well Strung

On the Tab :: March 27 - April 3

Mar 27
Under the guise of April Fool’s Day, you may be tricked into going places that aren’t as festive as they seem. But trust me; these are the most entertaining events going on through the next eight days; no foolin’!

Foral and Garden Show with the Sisters, Friday, March 21

On the Tab :: March 20 - 27

Mar 20
Didn’t get tickets to the Prince concert? How about a fun cover band? Heart the retro tunes? Whoa Nellies and Berlin should help you recall the spring of youth, as will the sprouting contents of a few booty-shaking gogos’ shorts.

Bruce Vilanch

One Night Only ’The Big Gay Comedy Show’ with Bruce Vilanch

By EDGE | Mar 18
For one night only the benefit show, "The Big Gay Comedy Show," will feature Bruce Vilanch (Comedian & Broadway star), Marga Gomez, Shann Carr, Ali Mafi, Kitty Tapata, Shawn Ryan, Katya Smirnoff-Sky, B.O.OB.S.

’Vampire Lesbians of Sodom’ Bite Berkley

By EDGE | Mar 13
Virago Theatre Company brings Charles Busch’s outrageous off-Broadway hit ’Vampire Lesbians of Sodom’ and ’Sleeping Beauty or Coma’ to Berkeley’s Live Oak Theatre!

Dudu Tassa at Yoshi’s, Thursday, March 20

On the Tab :: March 13 - 30

Mar 13
You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy a few drinks this weekend, but whether you’re a teetotaler or a total tramp, keep it down if someone’s singing or speaking; not that some performers don’t like a rowdy crowd.

On the Tab :: March 6 - 13

Mar 6
This week, dress up, iron your shirt, skirt or skort, get out and stay classy.

Another Mormon Musical :: "Missionary in Manhattan"

By EDGE | Feb 28
The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn, will present "Missionary in Manhattan: A Mormon Musical," a musical comedy about the fundamentals of big hair, blind faith, and just how plural a marriage can get.

Oscar statuettes get frisky at a previous Academy of Friends Academy Awards Night Gala

Off to See the Wizard

By Adam Sandel | Feb 28
Movie buffs have more than the usual reasons to attend the Academy of Friends’ Oscar Night Gala on Sunday, March 2: The theme of this year’s gala is Return to the Emerald City.

Fun at the the 2013 AOF gala

On the Tab :: Feb. 27 - Mar. 6

Feb 27
Going out and having fun; taking risks, be they at shows where things are on fire, or exhibits with live fanged animals; yes, they will take place this week.

Honey Mahogany

Local Star Miss Mahogany On the Rise

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Feb 22
It seems as though Honey Mahogany is everywhere these days. She’ll be appearing Sunday, Feb. 23, at the hot Market Street nightspot Martuni’s.