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On the Tab :: Nov. 26 - Dec. 3

Nov 26
Despite the holiday, or because of it, we've got an extra full plate of festive nightlife events that may help you dance off a few of those extra calories gained.

Afternoon Delight :: The East Bay Patio Party

By Jim Provenzano | Nov 21
Afternoon Delight, the monthly house music party at Oakland's The New Parish, celebrates its first year and the 30th birthday of its cofounder Justin Lenzi, aka DJ Justime, this Sunday, November 22.

On the Tab :: Nov. 19 - 26

Nov 19
Get on up, get on out, and get grooving to the multitude of opportunities for nightlife fun.

On the Tab :: Nov. 12 - 19

Nov 12
Something's coming, something good. / Something fun, night and day, / whether you are straight or gay, / or something that's a mix, my bae.

BenDeLaCrème's 'Cosmos' Camps Out at Oasis

By Jim Gladstone | Nov 8
"I'm finally getting out of the 'Race' frenzy," says Ben Putnam, aka BenDeLaCrème, the 34-year-old Seattle-based drag performer who brings his full-length solo act, "Cosmos: Space. Time. Splash of Cran" to Oasis from November 12-14.

On the Tab :: Nov. 5 - 12

Nov 5
Our local elections are over, but you can still vote for your favorite nightlife event by going out and having fun.

On the Tab :: Oct. 29 - Nov. 5

Oct 29
Masked balls, parties and concerts feature in October's fete-filled finale, and November's fresh fall festivities.

On the Tab :: Oct. 22 - 29

Oct 22
This week, women and queens in song, comedy -and comic songs! - top our list of preferred nightlife favorites. For pre-Halloween weekend fun, see our extra events list, Halloween Hookup.

On the Tab :: Oct. 15 - 22

Oct 15
The harvest of nightlife fun continues, be it it drag shows with more weaves than a cornfield maze, music acts that soar like the autumn breeze, or spoken word events that are much less pretentious than this sentence.

On the Tab :: Oct. 8 - 15

Oct 8
Fundraisers, galas and literary fests offer opportunities for social fabulism. Have fun while supporting the arts. Or just get down with some groovy local and visiting bands.

1 thru 10 of 334 Stories