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Run All Night

by Brent Covington
Wednesday Jun 21, 2006
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California rocker chick Rachael Cantu fronted Quite Satellite and garnered experience opening for Get Up Kids, Karate and Save The Day before striking out on her own and befriending members of Luscious Jackson and Shipping news and moving all the way across the country to explore the Boston live music scene. It wasn’t long before she caught the attention of established bands like Tegan and Sara and recorded her 8-song EP Run All Night and released it on the Somerville, MA, Q Division label.

With a gritty nod to blues, her raw indie-rock sound pervades the bass line of Saturday, showing her Southern California roots. Sweat & Bones takes the tempo down a notch but still supports her voice with intensity, and Blood Laughs further strips the sound down to an organ, laying her delivery bare and vulnerable. Run All Night, the title track, is a brooding, ballad layered over acoustic bass and guitar. The recording has a live quality, and I would really like to hear these songs in a dark little place with a beer in my hand.

by Rachael Cantu

Q Division Records
Released February 7, 2006


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