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by Jason Salzenstein
Friday May 26, 2006
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If the cast of stars voicing the characters isn’t enough for you, the fact that Doogal is guaranteed to distract children (be them your own, your sibling’s or your next-door neighbor’s) ought to be. Indeed, given the fact that the film features the voices of Jon Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, (Dame) Judi Dench, William H. Macy, Jimmy Fallon and Chevy Chase, you can almost forgive them the fact that the name of the title (and title character) sounds like a big crap.

The tale of a shaggy dog with a big ole’ sweet tooth, it’s pure child-appropriate drama as Doogal sets off to save the world from the evil ice-sorcerer (don’t ask what that is) Zeebad. Together with (you guessed it) a group of his whacky friends, our beloved canine and his allies face many challenges, learning that their greatest weapon is their friendship.

It can’t get any cheesier, but the CGI is decent, the characters fun (and funny), the voices great, and believe me, it beats Barney any day.

First of all, I’d like to thank The Weinstein Company and Genius Products for putting both the fullscreen and widescreen films on one disc. At least with children’s films you’re getting what you paid for and not having to choose a disc based on the TV(s) you have now, those you bring with you on planes, what’s in the car, the TV you may-or-may-not purchase down the road, etc. Thank you.

Unfortunately, while I know better, it would almost appear that the Weinsteins have joined with the Bush Klan (I’m sorry, I mean clan...) for a moment, being that the film is only presented in English (although Spanish subtitles are an option).

The only extras are a "Making of Doogal" featurette, which is both cute and entertaining (more so for the younguns’), although much too short if you’re babysitting for more than a few hours, and the Theatrical Trailer.

Final answer: great for kids, not annoying to adults (which is very important...).

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