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Star Trek Fan Collective - Q

by Jason Salzenstein
Tuesday Jun 6, 2006
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Q’s games, tests and manipulating ways are famous in the world of Star Trek, and playing him has become one of John de Lancie’s best runs as an actor. Whether he’s flinging space ships around different galaxies, through space-time continuums, transporting members of the crew to far off places, or simply being the general annoyance that he’s known for, when Q’s on-board, nothing is off-limits.

So whether you think he’s amusing, frustrating, godly or insane, Q has become a member of the Star Trek family, appearing in episodes of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. Now, Q: Fan Collective takes on this being, and all his quirkiness.

Like The Borg and Time Travel Fan Collectives, Q features 12 episodes voted by fans as their favorite. Much less expensive than even one season of one series, this format seems to be keeping fans happy (as well as stretching Paramount’s earning potential with the Star Trek franchise).

Unfortunately, Paramount didn’t put much into the special features in the previous Fan Collective sets, and Q is no different. There are no behind-the-scenes features, no featurettes, no interviews with cast and crew, and no outtakes. In fact the only extras in the collection (as in the previous two) are bits of commentary on a few episodes provided by Michael and Denise Okuda. While their commentary has some interesting background information and a bit of fun trivia, it’s definitely nothing to write home about.

Final answer: Fans will love the collection, but not for the extras.

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