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Room 6

by Ken Tasho
Tuesday Jun 13, 2006
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Poor Christine Taylor. The wife of Ben Stiller was searching for a starring vehicle to hone her talents as an actress. Room 6 ain’t it. This horror film, released by CFQ Films, is your typical modern horror flick that tries to incorporate humor into the bloodshed. And it’s not remotely scary.

The "Room 6" referred to in the title is in a hospital which Amy (Taylor) has recurring nightmares about. She’s always had a fear of hospitals in general because of something that happened when she was a child (just what happened is, of course, revealed at the end). Amy’s hot boyfriend Nick (Shane Brolley) has just asked her to marry him, and a day later, they get into a car crash. Nick is then rushed to an unknown hospital by a set of strange EMT’s. In fact, everyone at the crash site is strange. No one offers any help. Lucas (played by the likeable Jerry O’Connell) was the cause of the accident, and his sister was rushed to the same unknown hospital.

As Lucas and Amy team up to find out just what the hell is going on, Nick is being treated at the hospital by an odd set of gorgeous nurses, who take blood from him whenever they can and spout out bitchy commands. Oh yeah, they are also lesbians who have orgies that involve drinking blood. All the while, Amy is losing her mind and starts to have visions. She finds out about a hospital called St. Rosemary’s that burned down years ago. Room 6 ends with an obvious twist that you can figure out 15 minutes into the movie, and also copies shamelessly from The Sixth Sense.

Room 6 would have been decent if the screenplay made sense. It’s also boring as hell. Most scenes feature Taylor and O’Connell discussing what they are going to do, instead of just doing it. There are also scenes that just repeat themselves over and over again. To top it off, Room 6 has every horror cliché imaginable in it: cheap "jump" scares, the "is it a dream or is it not" cliché, and the female victim (Taylor) screaming her head off at every moment. As likable as Taylor is, she’s no Jamie Lee Curtis.

This DVD features a 40-minute featurette about the making of Room 6, and it’s more entertaining than the film itself. It was a good idea to cast horror stars from past horror films, such as Kane Hodder (Jason from the Friday the 13th series), and Ellie Cornell (from Halloween 4 & 5). But even this doesn’t save Room 6 from being a total disappointment.

Featurette: Hospital from Hell

Audio commentary with Writer/Director Mike Hurst and Writer/Producer Mark A. Altman

Theatrical trailer

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