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Mother Instructed BF to Duct Tape Boys for Forced 'Mommie Dearest' Screening

Oct 13
This story got even creepier.

SF Police Seek Driver Who Hit Gay Cyclist

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Oct 11
San Francisco police are looking for the driver of a red Cadillac who allegedly struck a gay bicyclist and accelerated toward the man, with the cyclist taking a "scary" ride on the car's hood.

Judge Refuses to Throw Out Defamation Suit Against Cosby

By Denise Lavoie | Oct 10
A defamation lawsuit brought against Bill Cosby by three women who say he sexually abused them decades ago can move forward,

Face-Down Dummy Halloween Prank Prompts Repeated 911 Calls

Oct 10
A dummy placed face down in a Detroit woman's front yard as a Halloween prank has prompted repeated visits by police.

Florida Toughens Prostitution Laws

By SFGN Staff | Oct 10
Florida has 27 new laws ranging from tougher penalties for people who solicit prostitutes to making revenge porn a crime.

Woman Pleads Guilty to Killing Stranger in Supermarket

By Patrick Whittle | Oct 9
A woman, who previously identified herself as a transgender man, accused of stabbing a stranger in a Maine supermarket after allegedly planning for a month to attack people at random pleaded guilty to murder Thursday over the objections of her lawyer.

Pa. Police: Group of Men Beat, Shot and Killed Trans Woman

Oct 7
Philadelphia police said a group of men beat, shot and killed a transgender woman early Tuesday morning.

NY Teen Says Penn State Frat Member Beat Him Over Sexuality

Oct 6
A college student from New York said he was beaten by a frat member at Penn State because he is gay.

Police File Hate-Crime Charges on Denver Man for Attack

Oct 6
A Denver man is facing hate-crime charges after allegedly attacking a man he thought was gay.

In Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Avoid 'Venomous Relationships'

By EDGE | Oct 5
"Venomous Relationships: Learn How to Avoid Common Relationship Bloopers" by Certified Life Coach and abuse survivor, Tamara Neal, exposes the most common, but often unrecognized, abusive relationships.

1 thru 10 of 1199 Stories