Dec 1 :: 12am
Executive Director of The Mazzoni Center, Philadelphia

Dec 1 :: 1am
Executive Director, Long Beach AIDS Foundation

Dec 1 :: 2am
Supervisor Social Services, The Actor’s Fund, Los Angeles

Dec 1 :: 3am
Speaker & Peer Advocate, Born with HIV

Dec 1 :: 4am
Co-founder of

Dec 1 :: 5am
Peer to Peer Navigator, Christie’s Place, San Diego CA

Dec 1 :: 6am
Former US Marine Corps Firefighter

Dec 1 :: 7am
Owner of Joyrneys, Travel for Love, Long Beach

Dec 1 :: 8am
Hoping to Make a Difference, San Diego

Dec 1 :: 9am
Acupuncturist, Long Beach California

Dec 1 :: 10am
Vice-Chair, Dept. of Theater and Dance, USC Santa Barbara

Dec 1 :: 11am
US Army Veteran, Founder of Red High Heel Party

Dec 1 :: 12pm
Living with AIDS, Philadelphia

Dec 1 :: 1pm
Volunteer Coordinator, Long Beach AIDS Foundation

Dec 1 :: 2pm
Executive Director of Christie’s Place in San Diego

Dec 1 :: 3pm
Married couple & HIV/AIDS Activists, Long Beach

Dec 1 :: 4pm
Living with HIV, Philadelphia

Dec 1 :: 5pm
Grandmother with AIDS, San Diego CA

Dec 1 :: 6pm
Living with HIV, Philadelphia

Dec 1 :: 7pm
Living with HIV, San Diego

Dec 1 :: 8pm
Living with HIV, Philadelphia

Dec 1 :: 9pm
Executive Director, AIDS Law Project of PA

Dec 1 :: 10pm
Medical Case Worker, The Mazzoni Center

Dec 1 :: 11pm
Founder and Radio Host,, Philadelphia

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