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Five Memorable Movies from Mike Nichols

By Hillel Italie | Nov 20
Here are some of the highlights from the long film career of Mike Nichols, who died Wednesday at age 83.




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By Roger Walker-Dack
Geeky gangly Jarvis Cocker is the most unlikely looking rock-star ever, but seeing the front man of the British indie-pop group PULP ignite frenzied crowds of a packed stadium, you realize that he is in fact one of the very best.

Happy Valley

By Roger Walker-Dack
Although Amir Bar-Lev's new documentary is about the sexual abuse that Jerry Sandusky carried out on scores of young boys, the focus is on the whole culture surrounding the crimes.

Beyond the Lights

By Jake Mulligan
So plugged into the milieu it's investigating that you can see the wires running off the screen.

Dumb and Dumber To

By Padraic Maroney
Proving that lightning doesn't always strike twice, a low budget sequel to the beloved 90s comedy will have you nostalgic for the original "Dumb and Dumber."


By Padraic Maroney
Award worthy performances elevate a flawed script that recounts the tragic events without looking for more depth or detail.

Point and Shoot

By Louise Adams
What started as a young American's motorcycle tour of Arab nations became a document of Arab Spring rebels in Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Marshall Curry's intense two-hour film.

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