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Once in Love with Amy

By Sura Wood | Aug 2
Amy Winehouse, the soulful British singer/songwriter whom Tony Bennett once called the best jazz vocalist of her generation, had it all: A big, heart-rending voice, fame and success, none of which saved her from the inner demons that overtook her.

Discover Massachusetts: The Berkshires All Year Long

By Matthew Wexler | Jul 27
Head to western Massachusetts for a Gilded Age dream any time of year. From rolling orchards and farm-to-table to cuisine to an unparalleled cultural scene, the Berkshires is the perfect D.I.Y. getaway for a true sense of the American spirit.

Old Car City: The Fine Art of Dilapidation

Jul 26
Nestled in a north Georgia forest, over 4,000 classic cars deteriorate in a 32 acre junkyard museum. Owner Walter Dean Lewis' parents started the business in 1931 as an auto parts store. "I like to say I work for tomorrow," he says.

Public Divided Over Smithsonian Display of Bill Cosby's Art

By Brett Zongker | Jul 23
As the Smithsonian Institution continues to stand behind an exhibition featuring Bill Cosby's art collection, the public has begun weighing in and appears to be sharply divided over the display, based on dozens of emails and comments left at the museum.

Capturing the Sublime

By Sura Wood | Jul 19
"Night Begins the Day: Rethinking Space, Time, and Beauty" is distinguished not only by the strength of the artworks, which stand on their own, but by its aspiration to encompass time and the incomprehensible vastness of space.

'Whistler's Mother' on Display at Massachusetts Museum

Jul 16
An iconic image of motherhood is making a visit to Massachusetts. The painting known as "Whistler's Mother" is on display at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, part of an exhibition featuring the works of James McNeill Whistler.

Angered by Anti-Mexican Comments, Artist Turns Trump Into Butt Plug

By EDGE | Jul 14
Hell hath no fury like a Mexican artist with a 3-D printer scorned.

New African Art Wows International Collectors

By Michelle Faul | Jul 13
"It's the new 'Scramble for Africa,' no longer for land, gold or diamonds, but for art," said Giles Peppiatt, who holds the only auctions of modern African art outside the continent, at Bonham's in London.

Love Triumphs in Two Photo Series

By Sura Wood | Jul 12
With the Supreme Court's recent marriage equality ruling, 2015 may well be remembered as San Francisco's second - and most inclusive - summer of love.

Sneakers Step Into Brooklyn Museum

By Luqman Adeniyi | Jul 10
The sneaker is a force in fashion, music and sports, but where did it all begin With the rubber tree, of course, and that's where senior curator Elizabeth Semmelhack ventured for a new exhibit, "The Rise of Sneaker Culture," at the Brooklyn Museum.

1 thru 10 of 341 Stories