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Danish Artist Uses Penis to Paint Kim Kardashian's Butt

| By EDGE | Tuesday Dec 16, 2014
Taking inspiration from Warhol's "Marilyn Monroe" silk screen, a Danish avant-garde artist has immortalized Kim Kardashian's now infamous Paper magazine bare butt cover photograph in an acrylic on canvas painting, using his own penis as a brush.

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Escape to the Galleries

| By Sura Wood | Nov 30
With the holiday season descending on us, what could be better than taking refuge in art? Herewith are a few places to escape to in the coming weeks.

The Kings of Cartoons

| By Sura Wood | Nov 23
If you're still reeling from the dismal results of the midterm elections, you can find needed relief from the absurdity of it all with "Slinging Satire: Masters of Political Cartoons" at the Cartoon Art Museum.

London Exhibit Examines History of Human Sexuality

| By Gregory Katz | Nov 19
Curators at London's Wellcome Collection will not be surprised if lines form outside their new "Institute of Sexology" exhibition.

Master of 20th-Century Hieroglyphics

| By Sura Wood | Nov 16
That Keith Haring led a brief but fully engaged life is borne out big-time by "Keith Haring: The Political Line," a sprawling career retrospective of the openly gay artist that lifted off at the de Young last week.

NSFW: Breaking and Entering

| By Matthew Wexler | Oct 31
If you feel like you're living life with a ball and chain attaching you to a cubicle, fear not. EDGE has scoured the globe for quintessential vacation experiences that will reinvigorate your zest for adventure. Consider the "YOLO" package in Sante Fe.

High Aristocratic Style

| By Sura Wood | Oct 26
A step back in time, and for most of us a vicarious step up in class, "Houghton Hall: Portrait of an English Country House," the latest decorative arts exhibition at the Legion of Honor, is a stroll through history, art, culture and architecture.

Giant Butt Plug Erected in Paris Upsets Anti-Gay French Group

| By Jason St. Amand | Oct 18
An anti-gay marriage, ultra conservative French group is freaking out, saying they're outraged and humiliated over a new art instillation that is supposed to look like a tree but really looks like a 24-foot sex toy.

Celebrating an Iconic, Erotic Life

| By David-Elijah Nahmod | Oct 5
Born in Europe, the longtime San Francisco resident made a living by photographing himself in hundreds of carefully designed erotic poses. Berlin's unusual career will be celebrated with an exhibition of many of his photos at Magnet, throughout October.

Prisoners of Conscience Become Art

| By Sura Wood | Oct 5
It sounds like an unbeatable concept: An exhibition marrying the work of Ai Weiwei, the world-famous Chinese political dissident artist, and Alcatraz, the notorious federal "ghost" prison with spectacular vistas of San Francisco Bay.

Berlin Grindr Users Angry Over Chats Streamed Live for 'Art'

| By Winnie McCroy | Oct 4
Dutch gay artist Dries Verhoeven is sitting in a glass-walled box and having his live, unedited Grindr conversations stream live. He calls it art. Others are calling their lawyers.

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