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Watch: Straight People Hilariously Fail at Defining Gay Slang

Oct 1
Do you know what a "fruit fly" means? What about a "gold star gay" or "platinum gay"? These straight people certainly don't in this hilarious new video.

Gay Marriage Proposal Video Goes Viral in China & Beyond

Sep 30
Need something to warm your heart today? Then check out this viral video out of Beijing, China, showing a man proposing to his partner on a subway.

Russian Police Investigates Apple Over 'Gay' Emojis

Sep 29
Russia is still having a problem with Apple's "gay" emojis.

The Rise of the Two-Spirits

By Nicole Wiesenthal | Sep 27
Before the Europeans came to North America, tribes respected and sometimes even revered people who had a different gender identity or preference.

BARchive:: The Folsom Street Fire: Anatomy of a Sex Panic

By Michael Flanagan | Sep 27
A fire in San Francisco that was set by a workman in 1981 ignited a whole different sort of blaze: A media frenzy of anti-gay sensationalism. This feature casts a look back at a disgraceful episode from a deeply homophobic era.

'Sex Panic' :: GLBT History Museum Lecture Revisits Bathhouse Closures

By Matthew S. Bajko | Sep 26
A standing-room-only crowd piled into the GLBT History Museum in the Castro to hear a lecture on what led to the death of San Francisco's famed gay bathhouse culture.

Folsom: A Fair for the Kinky

By Race Bannon | Sep 25
It's that time of year again when the entire city comes alive with everything leather and kink! Whether you're a Bay Area resident, a pilgrim to Folsom, or watching from afar, you'll want to know all about this year's fair.

Soldier: It's Harder to Be a Bronie Than Gay in the Army

Sep 24
A U.S. solider said it's harder to be a Brony -- a (usually) older male who is obsessed with the My Little Pony toy / cartoon -- than being an openly gay in the Army.

With Smartphones Watching, On-Field Passions Go Viral Fast

By Steve Megargee | Sep 21
When players hear all week about the importance of playing with passion, sometimes they end up showing too much at the wrong time. Waiting to catch them is a stadium full of smartphone-wielding fans and millions of viewers.

Aging in America, Part Six: Is Enough Being Done?

By William E. Kelly | Sep 19
There should be no doubt that America is in the midst of an aging population crisis that needs priority attention.

1 thru 10 of 2021 Stories