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LGBT Science Fiction :: What It Is Depends on Where You Are

By Daniel M. Kimmel | Oct 9
When it comes to stories about LGBTs, sci-fi authors have taken a variety of approaches. Some may feel they no longer have to prove anything while others, seeing gaps, rush to fill the need. EDGE talks to a few writers of the genre.

Litquake Celebrates Stuffing & Mounting

By Erin Blackwell | Oct 9
As part of Litquake, Robert Marbury's Taxidermy Art (Artisan Books, $18.95) is being celebrated at Paxton Gate on Tuesday, Oct. 14, at 6 p.m.

Better Than Fiction :: William J. Mann on Murder and Mayhem in 'Tinseltown'

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 25
Wiliam J. Mann has written novels, and he's written biographies; he's explored dramatic fiction, and he's produced well-researched histories. Now he brings both those fields of expertise together in the real-life murder mystery "Tinseltown."

Book On Gay Steelworkers Prompts Union Changes

Sep 6
Anne Balay's "Steel Closets" has won a prestigious prize -- and prompted workplace reforms in a traditionally macho profession.

Jamie Bissonnette Debuts Charcuterie Cookbook

By EDGE | Sep 5
James Beard Award-winning chef Jamie Bissonnette, of Boston's Toro and Coppa and the recently opened Toro in New York, launches his debut cookbook - "The New Charcuterie Cookbook: Exceptional Cured Meats to Make and Serve at Home."


Book Reviews


By Daniel Scheffler | Oct 20
A small life in Brooklyn is the subject of Alice MacDermott's new novel.

On the Edge

By Daniel Scheffler | Oct 18
Exploring New Ageism in California


By Daniel Scheffler | Oct 18
A dystopian world where love has been forgotten.

Charming Billy

By Daniel Scheffler | Oct 17
Love, or something like it.

States Of Desire Revisited: Travels in Gay America

By Tony Pinizzotto | Oct 17
Author and Princeton educator Edmund White revisits his LGBT travelogue of life in North America during the onset of the Gay Civil Rights Movement.