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Sandra Bernhard has come a long way from a young comedienne bursting with talent at the famed Comedy Store in Los Angeles in the 70s. And, her journey has been loud, upfront, in your face, witty, musical, theatrical, maternal, matrimonial, public, and yes, gay.

With an almost unbelievable 40 years in the business of making us laugh, Sandra seems as fresh today as she was when she was untamed, unafraid, and unleashed. Hell, she is still that.

Always working under a no-holds-barred policy, Bernhard’s 2013 kick-off show at Joe’s Pub in New York was a prime example that 30 plus years have not done much to change what we have learned to expect from her. As New York Times’ film and music critic Stephen Holden noted, "just below the surface, you sense the same roving critical eye that misses nothing."


  • Anonymous, 2013-07-09 15:35:26

    Jeeze. Bebe’s bio is almost as long as her article!

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