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Spandau Ballet - Together Again - Return to the US

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Jan 20

Spandau Ballet were part of the 1980s British invasion; but they imploded in the 1990s. Now they're back again with a new CD, doc film & world tour, which kicks off in SF. EDGE spoke to lead singer Tony Hadley about their reunion.

BeBe Sweetbriar is the Omni Present Drag Chanteuse. As an entertainer and hostess, BeBe can be scene every week hosting and performing at countless events and parties in San Francisco. One of the few drag personalities to sing live while performing, BeBe has literally graced every notable stage in The City, bridging many gay sub-community gaps. She has also been the opening act for Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland, "Ugly Betty’s" Alec Mapa and comedienne Shirley Q. Liquor. Adding recording artist to her list of performance accomplishments, in 2009 Ms. Sweetbriar released her first dance single and accompanying music video, "Save Me".

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Debby Holiday : A Voice For All Seasons

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Dec 26
"Crossover artist" has primarily been used to describe a R&B musician that has been able to have success on the Pop charts. But when you call Debby Holiday a crossover artist, it refers to a Rock singer crossing over into the Dance genre of music.

'Oy Vey in a Manger' with the Kinsey Sicks

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Dec 10
The KInsey Sicks return this holiday season with their annual show, 'Oy Vey in a Manger.' EDGE's BeBe Sweetbriar caught up with the irreverent quartet about the show, the holidays and what the future holds for the group.

Jessica Sutta :: She's Got 'Candy'

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Nov 18
With 2 successful dance hits, Jessica Sutta is successfully making the leap from ex- Pussycat Doll to solo artist. As she prepares for the release of her debut album, she's giving her fans a taste with her single "Candy." Here's an interview.

Meet Martin Kierszenbaum (aka) Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Sep 19
Martin Kierszenbaum has become a mogul in the music business as a songwriter/producer for major artists like Ellie Goulding & Robyn; but the finder of Cherrytree Records is also performer Cherry Cherry Boom Boom. EDGE spoke to him about his alter-ego.

Jinkx Monsoon :: It's All Just a Case of History Repeating

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Jun 5
Jinkx Monsoon became a national drag star from her appearance on "RuPaul's Drag Race," but since that show, she evokes an earlier style of entertainment with "The Vaudevillians." EDGE spoke to Monsoon about her popular show in SF & Ptown this summer.

After Marilyn, Jimmy James Finds His Own Voice (Plus Some More)

By BeBe Sweetbriar | May 22
Jimmy James impersonated Marilyn Monroe for 17 years, then stopped. EDGE talks to him about why he ended the gig and how he moved on to greater success.

Iggy Azalea is ’The New Classic’

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Apr 25
Though only 23, Iggy Azalea has experienced the highs & lows of the music industry. On the cusp of super-stardom, EDGE’s BeBe Sweetbriar spoke to the hip hop artist on her first national tour.

Taylor Dayne Keeps Working It

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Apr 9
Taylor Dayne’s career started when she opened for Michael Jackson in the late 1980s & she hasn’t stopped since. EDGE spoke to the singer as she heads out on a new tour.

Boy George :: Calmer, Relaxed, & On Tour With A New CD

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Mar 25
Boy George is back with a new CD and tour -- not that he ever went away. EDGE’s BeBe Sweetbriar talked with the pop music icon about his new CD, his tour and the changes in his life.

Cash Cash :: The Jersey Boys of EDM

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Jan 6
The EDM group Cash Cash is the latest music act out of New Jersey to be cutting a national profile. BeBe Sweetbriar sat down with group member JP Makhlouf about their remixes & their new CD.

John Waters Celebrates the Holidays (In His Own Filthy Way)

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Dec 12
John Waters has, happily, been making the world a filthier place since he first started making movies with Divine some 40 years ago in Baltimore. And, happily, he’s talking about it in his solo show touring the country this month.

Justin Sayre Keeps Gay Culture Alive (With A Little Help From His Friends)

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Oct 29
For the past five years Justin Sayre has entertained & educated NYC audiences with "The Meeting," his way of keeping gay culture alive in the 21st century. BeBe Sweetbriar spoke to Sayre about just what makes him run.

Macy Gray :: On How Life Has Been

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Oct 21
The world was introduced to the distinctive vocals of Macy Gray in 1999 with the release of her first album, "On How Life Is." Now she’s touring with a concert dedicated to that album. EDGE spoke to Gray about the tour & her career.

Return To ’Grey Gardens’ With Peaches Christ and Jinkx Monsoon

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Oct 11
What do you get when pair Peaches Christ with "RuPaul Drag Race" winner Jinkx Monsoon? You get a loving homage to the much-loved doc "Grey Gardens." BeBe Sweetbriar spoke to the duo about their latest project.

Che’Nelle’s Conquered Japan, U.S. Next

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Oct 9
Pop star Che’Nelle is a major pop star in Japan, but has yet to break into the highly competitive U.S. music scene. She hopes to make that happen with her new single. BeBe Sweetbriar spoke to the singer prior to her West Coast tour.

Helen Reddy, Still Every ’Woman,’ Comes to Ptown

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Oct 1
Helen Reddy retired from show business 10 years ago. Last summer, though, she returned to singing. BeBe Sweetbriar spoke to the iconic Australian singer about what brought her back. Reddy performs in Ptown on October 13 & 14 at the Crown.

Krewella ’Gets Wet’ with New CD & Tour

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Sep 18
At first Krewella was often mistaken as a solo artist, but after the success of their recent tour & club hits, that error isn’t happening any longer. BeBe Sweetbriar spoke to one of the EDM’s trios members, Jahan Yousef, about their growing success.

Carmen Electra :: Back to Music With ’Bigger Dick’

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Sep 9
Carmen Electra is known for "Baywatch," "Scary Movie" and modeling; but did you know her first show biz gig was as a singer? That was 20 years ago; now Electra is back to singing. EDGE spoke to the star about her SF date this week & upcoming album.

Kevin Stea - Going Rogue (Romeo)

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Sep 6
Kevin Stea has worked tirelessly for the past 20 years as a choreographer, dancer, singer, director, actor & model. But for the past 3 he’s concentrated on a singing career. BeBe Sweetbriar spoke to Stea about his That Rogue Romeo project.

Roslyn Kind :: It’s in the Gene Pool

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Aug 29
Roslyn Kind has had to live in the shadow of her more famous older sister, but that hasn’t stopped her from seeking stardom. EDGE spoke to Kind about her upcoming Ptown performance.

Natali Yura :: From Russia (Yes) With Love

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Aug 26
Natali Yura has been called "the next big breakthrough in pop music." But such sentiments don’t pressure the Russian singer, who is just (in her words) having fun with her career. BeBe Sweetbriar spoke to the actor/singer about her career.

Jim Bailey - Supreme Illusionist (Just ask Liza)

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Aug 16
Long before RuPaul, there was Jim Bailey, the diva impersonator extraordinaire whose takes on Judy Garland, Barbra Striesand & Peggy Lee have made him the an endearing drag star for 40 years. BeBe Sweetbriar talked to the great Bailey.

Remix Guru Dave Audé :: Audaciously Successful

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Aug 15
Dave Audé is one his way to being the dance music remixer with more #1 hits than any of his peers. This summer he has two on the Billboard charts; plus his own record label. EDGE spoke to remix guru just prior to his SF appearance.

Alice (at 80) Returns to Wonderland

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Jul 25
In "Wunderworld," Lewis Carroll’s most famous character goes down the rabbit hole again; this time as an elderly nursing home patient. Bebe Sweetbriar spoke to co-creator Michael Phillis.

Matthew James Thomas :: Broadway’s ’Pippin’ sounds off with ’No Sound At All’

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Jul 15
Matthew James Thomas is just 25, but has already played the title roles in two major Broadway musicals: "Spider-Man" and "Pippin." Now the talented performer/songwriter has released an EP as he preps for his first full-length CD. Here’s an interview.

Sandra Bernhard Keeps It Fresh

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Jul 6
While the title of her latest show has remained the same for the past two years, Sandra Bernhard continues to evolve - mixing it up with fresh material & her no-holds-barred style. EDGE spoke to the iconic star about her career & new tour.

Ben Rimalower’s Issues With Patti Lupone

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Jul 3
Ben Rimalower’s obsession with Patti Lupone proved therapeutic when he was growing up in a troubled home. He turns those experiences into the hit show ’Patti Issues.’ EDGE spoke to the writer/director/performer.

The Eve-olution Continues

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Jun 25
Rapper Eve took 11 years off from music to pursue other endeavors. Now she’s back with a new CD. EDGE spoke to the singer about her career, rap, her gay fans & that comment about Britney.

Chris Mann Does it His Way

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Jun 21
It may be hard to find anyone out there who would give up steady work recording on studio albums for TV’s "Glee" in the uncertain world of music, but that’s exactly what "The Voice" Season 2 finalist Chris Mann did after listening to his inner voice.

Catching Up With Crystal Waters

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Jun 18
Crystal Waters has sustained a career in dance music for some twenty years - something of a feat in an industry where singers come and go quickly. EDGE spoke to Waters as she prepared for a number of Pride events this month.

Taking Risks? No Problem for ’GLEE’s’ Alex Newell

By BeBe Sweetbriar | May 23
Alex Newell went from a contestant on "The Glee Project" to a role on "GLEE," where he plays a transgender male-to-female high schooler. EDGE spoke to the vocal powerhouse about "GLEE," college & the controversy over his character on FOX News.

’30 Rock’s’ Tituss Burgess comfortably sings his life

By BeBe Sweetbriar | May 10
You may know Tituss Burgess from his recurring role on ’30 Rock,’ but did you know he’s an accomplished Broadway performer? He releases his debut CD ’Comfortable’ next week. EDGE spoke to Burgess about being out & open in his life & art.

Dj Escape Keeps Making Some Noise

By BeBe Sweetbriar | May 3
DJ Escape is all about keeping things fresh. BeBe Sweetbriar speaks to the talented DJ about just how he does it.

Ana Matronic has a Kiki (sans Scissor Sisters)

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Apr 26
While Ana Matronic may be hiatus from the Scissor Sisters, expect her still have a ’kiki’ or two. EDGE’s BeBe Sweetbriar spoke to the singer about her upcoming solo gig & CD.

Celebrity Chef Yigit Pura :: Nothing Sweet About Bullying

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Apr 18
Top Chef Just Desserts winner Yigit Pura came to the U.S. 20 years ago & experienced not only the prejudice of being an immigrant, but also bullying as a gay youth. EDGE spoke to the hot Pura about his experiences & his activism on the subject.

Molly Ringwald Swings on New CD

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Apr 18
Molly Ringwald was one of the key Brat Packers back in the 1980s. Now in her 40s, she struck out on new career paths, including writing and releasing her first CD. BeBe Sweetbriar spoke to Ringwald about her career.

Spencer Day Unravels ’The Mystery of You’

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Apr 9
Vocalist Spencer Day went through a life-altering experience during a recent break-up. He turned that experience into his latest album, ’The Mystery of You,’ which proved as much a healing experience as an artistic expression.

Nothing Fazes K. Rose

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Apr 2
Nothing, it seems, fazes K. Rose, the up-and-coming R&B star that is headed to Palm Springs for the Dinah Event. EDGE spoke to Rose about her singles & career.

Dawn Richard Continues To Take Risks

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Mar 17
With ’GoldenHeart’ Dawn Richard Goes Solo, and doing so she continues to take risks. EDGE’s BeBe Sweetbriar spoke to the rising star.

Katy Tiz Sticks To Her Guns

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Mar 11
Kati Tiz is the latest British bad-ass singer to come to these shores. EDGE’s BeBe Sweetbriar spoke to the rising talent as she prepares to perform at this year’s Dinah in Palm Springs early next month.

Michael Feinstein & the Gershwins :: A Life-long Love Affair

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Mar 1
Michael Feinstein is the country’s biggest champion of The Great American Songbook, but recently he’s returned to his first love - the music and lyrics of George and Ira Gershwin.

Linda Eder :: The Little Farm Girl With The Big City Voice

By BeBe Sweetbriar | Feb 13
Linda Eder sets out on a concert tour in San Francisco this weekend. EDGE’s BeBe Sweetbriar caught up with the multi-talented singer to talk about her career.