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When did gay men lose all sense of irony?

I’m second to none in my dislike of Ann Coulter. She uses sarcasm in place of reasoned argument. She constantly takes the most extreme right-wing positions and then acts as though anyone that disagrees with her is beneath contempt. She’s hateful, she foments hate, and she radiates hate.

So why am I defending her tweet? Let’s examine the evidence. Here’s the tweet in question, in full: "Last Thursday was national ’coming out’ day. This Monday is national ’disown your son’ day."

For this, she has been excoriated on Facebook, on various blogs and, inevitably, on the universal circle-jerk Twitter universe. I give GLAAD credit for recognizing it as a joke. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination (wisely, in my mind) used her tweet to tout Spirit Day acceptance of LGBT youth.

Again, there are many, many negative things to say about Coulter. Among her multitude of sins, however, homophobia is not one of them. Her tweet, I believe, was meant to make fun of those mouth breathers who disown their gay children.

Coulter has even been a "friend to Dorothy." Admittedly, it’s only within the confines of GOProud, a group with which I probably disagree at least as much as with Coulter. But it’s worth pointing out that her friendship with the group has cost her some friends on the fringe Right, and she’s employed her brand of withering sarcasm against these morons.

Humor can be an effective tool, even (especially?) when used by those one wouldn’t normally associate with our cause.

Hate on me if you want, but here I must defend Ann.

Wow, that was like having a tooth pulled. So be it.


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