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The MTV VMAs: 'A Sad Sign of the Times'

Sep 1
The network pulled out the gimmicks to spark the hype.

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The MTV VMAs: 'A Sad Sign of the Times'

The network pulled out the gimmicks to spark the hype.

Google Tries to Woo iPhone Owners with Android Watch App

CORPORATE | By Michael Liedtke | Sep 1
Google is introducing an application that will connect Android smartwatches with Apple's iPhone, escalating the rivals' battle to strap their technology on people's wrists.

Samsung Unveils Circular Smartwatch, but are Apps Available?

CORPORATE | By Anick Jesdanun | Sep 1
Samsung is juicing up its smartwatch with a circular face and more battery life than the Apple Watch, but it's unknown how many apps will be available for it.

Average US Rate on 30-Year Mortgage Drops to 3.84 Pct

Average long-term U.S. mortgage rates dropped this week to their lowest levels since May, in a week marked by turmoil in global markets that was stoked by economic developments in China.

Highways May Soon Charge Electric Cars

LEGAL | Aug 29
Scientists in the UK are testing highways that will be able to charge electric cars.

Ashley Madison Looked to Hook Up with Grindr

Did Ashley Madison look to hook-up with Grindr? Forbes reported today that the adultery-enabling site looked to buy the gay-hook-up site earlier this year. If it had, imagine the fracas the hacker data dump would have had on the gay male community?

Audi A3 Cabrio Provides Drivers with Low-Priced Luxury

CORPORATE | By Ann M. Job | Aug 28
Those looking for a luxury-branded convertible with a low price tag should turn toward Audi's A3 Cabriolet.

Virtual Vacationing: Tour the Most-Exclusive Ways to Travel

CORPORATE | By Scott Mayerowitz, Nathan Griffiths | Aug 28
The Associated Press is offering a virtual reality tour of some of the world's most extravagant accommodations: suites on a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380, Cunard's duplex stateroom aboard the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner, and the Four Seasons hotel in NY.

The Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Smithsonian Magazine has released a new list of top travel destinations. One of these destinations may be space as there's no longer an obligation to keep travel earthbound.

Why More Restaurants are Putting an End to Tipping

Tipping servers in restaurants is part of American culture, but there are questions about whether this tradition will last.

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