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Watch Nick Jonas Match Celebs to Their Bulge

By Jason St. Amand | Oct 25
Nick Jonas tries to identify what bulge of Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Zach Efron and more.

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LGBT History Month Profiles: Orlando Cruz & Billie Holiday

By Mike Halterman | Oct 26
October is LGBT History Month. Each week throughout the month, Hotspots will be profiling two of the people named to Equality Forum's LGBT History Month icon list, to showcase the great things LGBT people have done.

High Aristocratic Style

By Sura Wood | Oct 26
A step back in time, and for most of us a vicarious step up in class, "Houghton Hall: Portrait of an English Country House," the latest decorative arts exhibition at the Legion of Honor, is a stroll through history, art, culture and architecture.

Partenope: Can You Handel It?

By Philip Campbell | Oct 26
The San Francisco Opera's latest foray into the challenging and musically rich world of Baroque opera opened last week with George Frideric Handel's "Partenope."


Movie Reviews

White Bird in A Blizzard

By Kilian Melloy
Based on the novel by Laura Kasischke, Greg Araki ("The Doom Generation") adapts and directs the '80s period film "White Bird in a Blizzard" with a bit more accessibility than previous efforts.

John Wick

By Kilian Melloy
Judging from the trailer, "John Wick" is a taut, atmospheric thriller. Judging from the film itself, it's a comedy -- but then again, this is a Keanu Reeves vehicle.


By Kilian Melloy
"Citizenfour" more than doubles down on Poitras' earlier films, which have never flinched from dangerous, dismaying subjects and failed (or failing) states afflicted by, or propped up by, thug rule. In this case, the thugs are our own security agencies.

Force Majeur

By Kilian Melloy
Ruben Östlund writes and directs a piercing, blackly comic portrait of a family in the throes of dysfunction.

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