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Film director and screenwriter John Waters has made good by putting a twist on that old saying "one man’s trash is another man’s treasure" by changing it to say "one man’s trash is his own treasure." With a string of cult and mainstream feature trash films (including "Multiple Maniacs," "Female Trouble," "Pink Flamingos," "Cry-Baby," "Hairspray," "Serial Mom" and "A Dirty Shame"), Waters has become an icon and celebrity. Let’s face it: monikers such as "The Filthiest Man Alive" and "The Pope of Trash" don’t get bestowed upon just anyone.

"I’ve gotten "The Duke of Dirt," "The Anal Ambassador," "The Ayatollah of Assholes," says Waters. "You wouldn’t believe some of them. I’ve got more titles than Prince Charles." We know, however, that it’s not the title that makes the man. It’s the man that makes the title.


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